• The Book-Burners.  May, 2013.

    Today I had the distinct pleasure of photographing the band The Book-Burners.  This one seemed like an out-take at first, but it is currently my favorite group shot.

  • Holiday Party.  2008.

    Jeez, the folks who print up the holiday cards at the MegaMart are so uptight…

  • The Last Days of Henry.  2013.

    A weird, short project I did today.  Product-type photographs regarding my recently deceased cat, Henry:

    1) Henry’s fur-filled brush.

    2) Uneaten cans of Henry’s favorite food.

    3) The faux-velvet bag the pet cremation company put the box containing Henry’s ashes in.

    4) The box containing Henry’s remains.

    5) The porcelain hippo that will house Henry’s remains.

    Ordering big prints.  Don’t know how I feel about these right now.

  • Longtime fans will be happy to know that Baby Terry Windham is back!

    I’ve added some photos from the archives to my PROJECTS page…

  • It is done!

    The fake magazine / quarterly promotional mailer is at the printers.

  • Putting a book together.  Working with sequencing.

  • What the living room looked like before the weekend-long party last weekend…

    February 2013.

  • Lester Builders, Cicero Avenue.  Chicago.

    February 2013.

    One of my favorite signs in Chicago.  I noticed that the office is for lease, so the sign may be coming down soon…

  • I’ve uploaded a new (old) project to the PROJECTS section of my website. A selection of photographs from Florida.

  • Daniel Knox plays at Hans’ birthday party.  Seriously.  

    December 1, 2012.

  • This is a picture I took during the “afterparty” on my wedding day.

    September 2011.