• Label for Illuminated Brew Works’ Fnord Wit beer!

    From the troubled mind of IBW’s Brian Buckman.  Design magic by Mark Ludemann.  That’s our friend Shiho!  Styling and meditative assistance by Beth King.

    Can’t wait to see these weird bottles in stores.

  • Engineering a Mystery

    (a work in progress - updates to follow)

  • Steve Albini for High Times Magazine.

    That “factoid”, though…  Oh well…

  • Ryan and Lindsey.  2014.

    I believe these fine people are getting married - as I type this!

    Anyway, that’s a pretty good Kirk Cameron poster recreation, if I do say so myself.

    Congratulations, you crazy kids!


    A thing-within-a-thing I’m working on.  

  • bronxcheer:

    Fake Limbs, Borelli’s in Chicago, IL. 6/20/14 (PRF BBQ)
    Photo by Mr. King

    (note—one of the few photos of my body where I’m all “Cornbread—ain’t nothin wrong with that!”)

  • Jim Jacoby.  Chicago, 2011.

    As I was standing in my kitchen this evening, awestruck by the realization of how many dill pickles I could eat in a day and still run a calorie deficit (tons - more pickles than anyone would want to eat in a day), I heard a cool story on NPR’s Marketplace about this guy.  And custom motorcycles.  And the American Design and Master-Craft Initiative.

    This photo is from a few years ago.  For Manifest Digital.

  • Photograph of a Rock Band called Radiant Republic.  2013.

    An outtake from last year.

  • Kalamazoo, Michigan.  2013.

    Digging though some older stuff tonight.

    Confidential to this Winter:  you can go ahead and give up any time now. Seriously - we get it!

  • Scenes from Los Angeles.  February 2014.

    The winter, in Chicago, might have broken me.  I’m considering doing a winter “residency” in LA next winter - four days in February is not enough!

  • The name of this band is Bottomless Pit.

    I always enjoy photographing these dudes.

    New record is coming soon!

  • Yesterday I had the great pleasure of photographing Mr. Daniel Knox (on my birthday!).

    Now, go buy his records at your music provider of choice, and don’t miss him when he plays in your town.

  • Eliza.  May 2013.

    Hey!  An outtake from The Book-Burners shoot.